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Please do not vote to approve the New Covenants & Restriction until you have fully understood the negative impact they will have on your property values.

Dear Masters Glenn Homeowner, As you may be aware, dramatic changes are being proposed for our Masters Glenn HOA Covenants & Restrictions and it is of utmost importance that all of us stay well-informed about what we will be voting on. These proposed changes will have a major impact on your property value and you cannot afford to be out of touch on what they will mean if enacted. Please email me at and allow me to place you on my email list or use the link below to add yourself. You can also go to this website or our Masters Glenn Blog for updated information. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Donald Hackford 228 Spy Glass Way

I have been blocked from the Official HOA Facebook Page to Censor me and prevent you from getting information the Board does not wish you to see. Although I am a homeowner here, the HOA Board has not made a copy of the latest changes available to me so that I cannot object to the changes.

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Please see our FAQ section for explanations and clarifications of some of the more controversial aspects of the proposed new HOA Covenants and Restrictions. Also use our M G Homeowner Blog to make your comments.

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